Ultrasound Probe

FCU is creating the best products
through growing performance and technology.

Composite PZT

FCU does not use general bulk PZT ceramic but uses composite PZT. It provides similar performance to single-crystals at competitive prices and is particularly useful for high-resolution product development of high-frequency probes.

Needle Guidance Solution (NGS) technology

User convenience is maximized by applying an electronic needle tracking method using a magnetic sensor module. The magnetic signal of the magnetic sensor and the ultrasonic signal form a structure that prevents interference, resulting in smooth signal processing.

Heat sink (heat dissipation) function

Even a slightly higher voltage can be applied at the system range which directly relates to the quality of the ultrasonic image. Therefore provides better quality of images on the same equipment compared to competitors’ probes.


It has been further specialized not only for standard products but also for products specified for customers’ needs. We are proud that we can relieve customers’ concerns with specialty products such as needle guidance probes, high-frequency probes, biplane, 1.5D, 256-1024 element probes, etc.

Custom Design Capability

We will showcase the aspect of Design Korea.
FCU is supplying customers with their desired specifications from transducer array to cable assembly, complete probe assembly with consistent solutions in the designs of ultrasonic devices and probes, mold development, various injection mold products, etc.

Ultrasound Cable Assembly

Ultrasound Cable Assembly #3

Linear array probe with mini DLP connector

Ultrasound Cable Assembly #4

Micro convex array probe with mini DLP connector without connector housing
Ultrasound Cable Assembly

Ultrasound Cable Assembly #5

Probe cable assembly with DL1-156P connector
Ultrasound Cable Assembly

Ultrasound Cable Assembly #6

Bi-Plane with two DLP connectors


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