Why reinvent the wheel?
  Because we can make a better vehicle
if we start with a better wheel!

In order to develop medical ultrasound devices with differentiated functions and performance,
we aim to provide all essential and professional solutions.
We promise to produce and supply the best probes and ultrasonic devices on the market.


With our clients' requirements always the main priority, we aim to supply the most suitable probe to meet their needs. We introduce the world's most competitive ultrasonic probe to many start-ups working in the field of ultrasound-related technology. Our main goal is to become the most reliable OEM transducer probe supplier

Key Technology


Transducer with technology that meets the price and performance based on customers’ needs


Various measuring equipment necessary for the development of ultrasonic technology


32ch. Handheld device OEM package & 64ch. PC based beamformer (RF data access) and 16ch. Mini PC based beamformer


Various AI-centered S/W development to fulfill new diagnosis methods and ideas

About Board Members

최현식 대표
Frank ChoiCEO

CEO Hyun-Sik, Choi has devoted himself to sales and marketing in the overseas technology of ultrasound medical devices for the past 20 years. Through businesses with expertise in the field of ultrasound units around the world, he has developed and supplied many solutions sought after by experts and introduced numerous products to the market.

최창근 상무이사
Brad ChoiCTO

Executive Director Chang-Geun, Choi has devoted himself for over 2 decades to the research, development, and manufacturing technology of medical ultrasonic transducers, in addition to utilizing them in the application and development of ultrasonic imaging systems. He has taken the leading role from the development to manufacturing of various types of transducers in Korea and overseas. Executive Director Choi is currently developing products such as a USB type and needle guidance ultrasonic transducer to lead the market into the next generation.

이춘일 차장

Senior Manager Chun-Il, Lee has taken the helm of quality assurance in the field of medical devices for 20 years. He has been conducting overall management to improve product quality through product licensing, certification management, establishment of the quality system and revision management, and work process innovation.

이상기 차장

Senior Manager Sang-Ki, Lee has spent 15 years implementing the manufacturing method and technology development for new product manufacturing based on quality and production management and work techniques from raw material warehousing to delivery of finished products. He also established manuals for technology/manufacturing methods to identify the cause of product defects.


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