Showing the growing performance
and recognized technology of the FCU.

Core Technology


Technology & know-how on demand

Transducer (Single crystal, Composite, Bulk PZT, Low-cost PZT) with technology that meets the price and performance based on customers’ needs


OEM package & beamformer

32ch. handheld device for OEM package & 64ch. PC based beamformer (RF data access) & 16ch. Mini PC based beamformer


Measurement Equipment

Various measuring equipment necessary for the development of ultrasonic technology


S/W Development

Various Ai-centered S/W develop to fulfill new diagnosis methods and ideas


Inno-Biz Certificate

Award Certificate for Outstanding Export Performance

Certificate of trademark registration for AcuViz Pocket

Wearable ultrasound device patent

Ultrasound System SC1 FDA

Ultrasound System SC1 CE MDD

Award certificate


PCT (ultrasonic probe for optimal location of the magnetic sensor)

Certificate for the company-affiliated research institute

Venture business confirmation

Certificate of trademark registration for AcuViz

Certificate of trademark registration for AAcuViz

Certificate for the designation for export promising small and medium business

Certificate of excellent technology company

Certificate of medical import business conformity (KGMP)

Certificate of medical manufacturing business conformity(KGMP)

Certificate of medical import business conformity (KGMP)

Medical device manufacturing business license

Patent certification (ultrasonic probe and manufacturing method)

Selection letter for first penguin startup


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