Ultrasound Engine

Ultrasound Engine

SmartUs (64ch. Color Beamformer)

SmartUs EXT-1M Kit includes :

• SmartUs EXT-1M beamformer
• ultrasound transducer
• USB cable
• 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz power supply (EN60601-1)
• AC power cable
• software, assembly and set-up manual, operation manual (on USB memory)


SmartUs is a new generation of portable ultrasound color Doppler scanners. It employs latest technologies of ultrasound signal and image processing. Featured with high sensitivity sector probe together with linear and convex probes SmartUs is the first Telemed system that can be used in cardiology and neurology. Other features include spatial compound, harmonics, virtual convex and B-steer imaging. The system is capable to drive high density and high frequency transducers delivering detailed, rich and high dynamic range images.

Software features include Echo Wave II with Speckle noise reduction as a standard package and optional software for 3D rendering and Panoramic Imaging. SmartUs is available in following modifications:

SmartUs EXT-1M Kit: beamformer module with a single probe connector and a separated power supply;

SmartUs EXT-3M Kit: beamformer module with a 3 probe connectors and a separated power supply.