Ultrasound Engine

Ultrasound Engine

ArtUs (64ch. Color Beamformer)

ArtUs EXT-1H Kit includes :

• ArtUs EXT-1H beamformer
• ultrasound transducer (optional)
• Micro-B to Type-A USB 3.0 cable
• 100~240 VAC, 50~60 Hz power supply (EN60601-1)
• AC power cable
• software, assembly and set-up manual, operation manual (supplied on USB memory stick)
• I/O module (optional)
• RF module (optional)


ArtUs is Telemed's very compact and highly powerful application-based ultrasound device. Featured with high-speed USB3.0 interface it allows increase scanning speed without compromising image quality and provides real-time transfer RF ultrasound data to a PC. New "WideView" imaging mode maximizes viewing area for linear, convex and endocavity transducers. Other features includes improved spatial compound available for linear and convex transducers, parallel beamforming, harmonics, B-steer imaging. The system is capable to drive high-density and high-frequency transducers delivering detailed, rich and wide dynamic range images. Software features include Echo Wave II with Speckle noise reduction as a standard package and optional research package: SDK library and advanced data processing and visualisation procedures for MATLAB environment.

We can provide it with your own design. If you want a PCB or two probe connection ports, we can provide whatever you want.