ACERTARA Advantage 2.0 TMP - A New Generation

Key Attributes

■ Improved image quality via use of new materials
- Many phantoms use acoustic materials from the mid-1990s, or earlier
■ Lower signal attenuation of new high frequency broad bandwidth probes
■ AIUM - “Methods for Specifying Acoustic Properties of TMPs and Objects”
■ Increased portability with a smaller footprint and half the weight of many current models - comes with detachable stand
■ Investment protection via polyurethane-based material that does not require calibration
(no desiccation as with hydrogel-based materials)


Dimensions : 15.24 x 20 x 8.57cm

Material : Urethane + 

Weight : 5.1 lbs 

Useful Life : 10 years 

Speed of sound : 1470 m/s 

Attenuation : 0.5 dB/cm/MHz 

Availability : 8weeks 

Warranty : 5 years 

Calibration : Not required