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The ATLAS™ Test System was designed by Acertara for diagnostic ultrasound transducer manufacturing and development; including in-process probe testing, quality control, probe production final test, and engineering. A major design goal of ATLAS ™ was the ability to replicate the results of legacy test systems. ATLAS™ is flexible, expandable, and customizable.

Users have the ability to include or exclude operational modules from the final software package such as : re-poling, time-of-flight calculation methods, cross talk, and various other transducer acceptance criteria matrices. ATLAS™ is highly intuitive for both new users or those who have been previously trained to other array test systems.


 • Hardware design electronics elements:

- The ultrasound pulser

- The ultrasound receiver

- The impedance measurement module

- The element selection matrix

- The data conversion and PC interface

 • Fundamental software elements:

- Test setup

- Array Alignment

- Pulse Echo Measurement

- Impedance Measurement Module

- Judgement/Acceptance criteria

- Results save and database

- Report Generation


 Frequency Sweep

 Direct Digital Frequency Synthesis




 0.05 – 100MHz

 Sweep Time

 0.1 to 8.0 seconds

 Source to Hydrophone Distance

 Continuously variable

 Input Impedance

 selectable high impedance or 50 Ohms

 IF Sampling

 16 bit A/D, two megabytes sample storage

 Operating Environment

 +10 to +40°C

 Source Output

 -20 to +20dBm, +/-0.5dB (0.5MHz to 50MHz) into a 50 Ohm resistive load


 +/-0.5 Vp-p +/-0.5dB for full scale (0dB) output at 5MHz


 Adjustable from 0 to 60dB, accuracy +/-0.5 dB at 5MHz

 Frequency Response

 +/-3dB from 0.5 to 60 MHz

 Resolution Bandwidth

 < 1Hz to 30kHz

 Dynamic Range

 > 100dB

 Storage Environment

 -25° to +65°C


 90-264 VAC, 47-63Hz *subject to change without notice


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