Measurement Solutions

Ultrasound Engine


• Multi Channel Capacitance Measurement System

• Measuring Capacitance of ultrasound probe up to 192Channel at maximum (based on DLP260) : System pinmap should be provided. Possible to Make connectors by specification.

• Capacitance measurement of Micro coaxial cable - the maximum up to 1,000pF

• Easy to move portable system


• High speed measurement : 

It takes about 10sec in measuring 192 Channel. Possible to do GO/NO Test

• Easy to move and convenient work : 

On Board Portable system for which peripheral devices are not needed (AC 110/220V) : Easy operation and measurement using GUI design and 4.3inch Touch LCD Panel. Adjustable Measurement scale

• Data management and report : 

Possible to do simultaneous control on PC and display measurement result and save using a dedicated software.

 Possible to do customized design (EEPROM Writing, LCD location, Alarm, Output data format, and others.) 


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